The club website, Facebook and Twitter are great for the 'public face' of the club, but are neither 'private' nor open for everyone to post easily and visibly.   To combat this, we now have a club message board!  This is for STOCKTON WHEELERS MEMBERS ONLY, and is where we can:

  • Discuss all things cycling (or just about any other subject!) 
  • Arrange rides out, be it for a number of weeks time or just later that day 
  • Easily add photographs of items for sale 
  • Announce and discuss future events, and make it easier to avoid date clashes 
  • Discuss club matters  
  • Privately message another member 
  • Message all members at once
  • ...........or anything else you want!
All members can view and post, and it is only as useful and successful as YOU make it.  Feel free to hit the 'New Thread' button and post away! 

It could prove to be a very useful tool for the club and provide some interesting discussions too, so why not join up and join in! 

IMPORTANT:  To prove that you are a member and who you say you are please use the email address that you gave us on your membership form.  Also, please use your own name as your username but with no spaces eg JimSmith - no hiding behind pseudonyms!   Once you have signed up, we will check your address against our records and all being well, will activate your account.    If we can't verify these details your access will be denied.  Activations will usually occur within 48 hours of signing up.

Click here for the Club Messageboard or use the direct link for future visits:


Any questions regarding this, please email